2019 Mary Ellen LoPresti Art Publication Award Winners

The Southeast Chapter (ARLIS/SE) of the Art Libraries Society of North America is proud to present the 36th Annual LoPresti Award winners:
Exhibition Catalog – The Original Makers:  Folk Art from the Cargo Collection
Authors Gail Andrews and Emily Hanna, Birmingham Museum of Art
Publisher’s statement, “This catalog showcases a gorgeous exhibition of folk art, quilts, outsider art and flags from the collection of Robert and Helen Cargo.”
The catalog received high marks for Usefulness to General Library visual arts collections, image quality and design quality.  Committee members commented that the photographs of the works were first-rate and really highlight the beauty of the exhibition pieces.  Other notable features include a recommended reading list at the end of the book, as well as the artists’ profiles and personal stories of the artists included in this exhibit.
Scholarly Publication:  Arts of Korea: Histories, Challenges, Perspectives
Ed. Jason Steuber and Allysa Peyton, University Press of Florida
Publisher’s statement, “A monumental addition to the understudied field of Korean art, this brilliantly illustrated volume assembles the perspectives of art historians, critics, curators, and museum directors from major universities and museums around the world to trace the varied dynamic experiences of Korean art acquisitions over the past century.”
This scholarly work was noted for its usefulness, scholarship, scholarly apparatus and image quality.  This well-researched and well-written source provides an excellent overview of Korean art history, including a discussion the UK and US reception of and collection of Korean art.  The text is further enhanced by a wide range of high quality images.  This book will fill gaps for arts collections trying to build or expand Asian art collections.
Artist’s Book:  Gathered
Artist Lucinda Bunnen, Lubo Press
Publisher’s statement, “Renowned Atlanta artist and photographer Lucinda Bunnen’s new fine art publication, Gathered, is a set of dual accordion books featuring tableaus of artifacts she has collected over a lifetime, paying homage to the fabric of her life and memories.”
As the title indicates, the images in this book are of objects that have meaning to the artist.  It provides viewers with an intimate look at what a particular artists finds valuable or interesting and how the artist chooses to showcase that value by folding them into a larger work of art.  This work was praised for its usefulness to special collection, educational usage, construction and design.  The committee noted that this would be particularly effective teaching tool for both studio and art history students.
Children’s book:  Madagascar A to Z
Grace Gibson – author, Soleil Nguyen – illustrator, Michel Andriamihajanirina – translator, Michele Tennant – editor, University Press of Florida
Publisher’s statement,  “Madagascar A to Z is a children’s book written in English and translated into Malagasy.  This colorful picture book features the endemic fauna and flora of Madagascar, and provides for children an engaging introduction to protecting these natural wonders. This book is the result of a true international collaboration…”
This unique children’s book not only educational and beautifully illustrated, but was noted for being a group effort on the part of two University of Florida graduate students and their library faculty instructor. This would be an excellent source for libraries with a Children’s Lit collection.  A fully Open Access version is available at
The committee received 20 entries from 9 different presses.  The quality of the entries made for a very challenging decision and we wish to thank everyone who participated.
The Chapter is likewise grateful for the labors of this year’s indefatigable LoPresti Committee:
Marty Miller (Chair), Sheila Cork, Nancy Hampton, and Peter Klubek

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