Cara Barker

Associate Professor

Hunter Library

Western Carolina University


April Smitley

Library Assistant

Art Reference Library

North Carolina Museum of Art

Past President

Kristina Keogh

Campus Dean, Nelson Poynter Memorial Library, St. Petersburg Campus

Assistant Dean, College of the Arts, St, Petersburg Campus

University of South Florida

Secretary (2023 – 2024)

Ann Baird

Librarian, Architecture and Fine Arts Library

University of Florida

Treasurer (2024 – 2025)

Lee Sorensen

Librarian for Visual Studies and Dance, Lilly Library

Duke University

Appointed positions

ARTifacts Newsletter Editor

Cary Wilkins


Morris Museum of Art


Andrew Wang

Head Librarian

North Carolina Museum of Art

ARLIS/NA-SE List Owner

Ann Lindell

Architecture/Fine Arts Librarian

University of Florida