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2013 Chapter Conference: Call for Posters

Library School Students: We Want to Hear from You!
A Call for Poster Presentations

Call for Posters PDF
Are you currently enrolled in library school and considering an arts specialization?
Here’s an opportunity to build your résumé, network with experienced art librarians, and broaden your expertise–all in a fascinating city!

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2013 Chapter Conference: Call for Papers

“Gone Digital: Collections and Collaborations”
A Call for Paper Presentations

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At our upcoming meeting in New Orleans, librarians, archivists, and curators from the Amistad Research Center, Tulane University’s Louisiana Research Collection and Hogan Jazz Archive, the Old U.S. Mint, and the New Orleans Museum of Art will share with us their experiences and expertise in translating unique archival materials into online digital collections.

Annual Meeting Conferences

ARLIS/SE 2013 Chapter Conference

The ARLIS/SE 2013 chapter conference and meeting will be held in New Orleans, LA from Thursday, Nov. 21 through Saturday, Nov. 23. Our host institution is the New Orleans Museum of Art, with local arrangements coordinated by Sheila Cork.
Meeting itineraries, hotel, and travel information are forthcoming – keep an eye on the conference subpage for more details!