Chapter Conferences and Meeting Minutes

2000 – present | 1989 – 1999 | 1975-1988

(Note: There are no available minutes for 1975-1988. However, you can see an overview of those meetings here.)
You can also see photos from ARLIS/NA Southeast chapter meetings and study trips at our Flickr page.

2020 – present

2022: ARLIS/NA Chicago Business Meeting Agenda  | ARLIS/NA Chicago Virtual Meeting Minutes | Sarasota, FL Chapter Conference Meeting Agenda | Sarasota, FL Chapter Conference Meeting Minutes
2021: Virtual Beaufort, SC Southeast Chapter Meeting Minutes | Virtual Beaufort, SC Southeast Chapter Conference ScheduleARLIS/NA Montreal Virtual Minutes
2020: Southeast Chapter Meeting Virtual Minutes | ARLIS/NA St. Louis Virtual Minutes

2000 – 2019

2019: Tallahassee, FL Meeting Minutes | Tallahassee Conference Schedule | ARLIS/NA Salt Lake City Minutes
2018: Richmond, VA Meeting Minutes | Richmond Joint Conference Schedule | ARLIS/NA New York City Minutes
2017Savannah, GA Meeting MinutesSavannah Conference ScheduleARLIS/NA New Orleans Minutes
2016Sarasota, FL Meeting Minutes | Sarasota Conference Schedule | ARLIS/NA-VRA Seattle Minutes
2015: Atlanta, GA Meeting Minutes | Atlanta Conference Schedule | Atlanta Presentations & Lightning Round TalksARLIS/NA Fort Worth Minutes
2014Birmingham, AL Meeting MinutesBirmingham Conference ScheduleARLIS/NA Washington, D.C. Minutes
2013New Orleans, LA MinutesNew Orleans Conference ScheduleARLIS/NA Pasadena Minutes
2012Athens, GA Meeting MinutesAthens Conference ScheduleARLIS/NA Toronto Minutes
2011Durham, NC Meeting MinutesDurham Conference ScheduleARLIS/NA Minneapolis Minutes
2010Cartersville, GA Meeting MinutesCartersville Conference ScheduleARLIS/NA Boston Minutes
2009Savannah, GA Meeting Minutes |
Savannah Conference Schedule |  ARLIS/NA Indianapolis Minutes
2008Sarasota, FL Meeting Minutes  | Sarasota Conference Schedule | ARLIS/NA Denver Minutes
2007Nashville, TN Meeting Minutes  |   Nashville Conference ScheduleARLIS/NA Atlanta Minutes
2006Atlanta, GA Meeting Minutes  | Atlanta Conference Schedule | ARLIS/NA Banff Minutes
2005St Petersburg, FL Meeting Minutes | ARLIS/NA Houston Minutes
2004Winston-Salem, NC Meeting Minutes | Winston-Salem Conference Schedule | ARLIS/NA New York Minutes
2003New Orleans, LA Meeting Minutes | ARLIS/NA Baltimore Minutes
2002Asheville, NC Meeting Minutes | ARLIS/NA St. Louis Minutes
2001Fort Lauderdale, FL Meeting Minutes | ARLIS/NA Los Angeles Minutes
2000Raleigh, NC Meeting Minutes

1989 – 1999

1999Atlanta, GA Minutes | Atlanta Meeting Schedule | ARLIS/NA Vancouver Minutes
1998: Sarasota, FL (No minutes available, please see Chapter History for meeting overview.)
1997New Orleans, LA Meeting Schedule | ARLIS/NA San Antonio Mid-Year Meeting Minutes (1996)
1996Augusta, GA Minutes | Augusta Meeting Schedule
1995Clemson, SC Minutes | Clemson Meeting Schedule
1994: Birmingham, AL Minutes
1993Savannah, GA Minutes
1992Chapel Hill/Durham, NC Meeting Schedule
1991Tampa, FL Meeting Schedule
1990Charlotte, NC Meeting Schedule
1989New Orleans, LA Minutes

1975 – 1988

Individual meeting minutes are not available from 1975 – 1989, but you can read an overview of those first fifteen years here.